PRE-Flight 1.0

PRE-Flight allows super-accurate simulation of all types of aircraft
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3D Viewing in PRE-Flight is accomplished by merging 2 sterescopic views of the same image such that each eye "sees" the 2 images and the brain perceives it as a single 3D image.
This technology allows an ordinary flat screen to have depth and enhances the realism of the simulation. Objects that are nearer or farther are percieved as being near or far - unlike conventional 2D simulators which cannot convey such information.

Main features:

- New PRE-Flight USB Interface for faster, accurate, and more available channels from your TX. See this link for more details
- Uses Advanced DirectX for High-Performance, High-Realism 3D Graphics.
- Aircraft models have moveable control surfaces, propellers, rotors, and landing gear. Only the best simulators have this feature.
- Control models with your own RC Transmitter (includes interface cable, where indicated), or by Windows-compatible joystick.
- Photorealistic 3D texturing with transparency, reflection, shadows, and highlighting.
- Photorealistic Sceneries capable of reproducing your real flying field.
- High-Accuracy Physics with over 120 calculations per second.
- 3D Sound Effects including Stereo and Doppler effects.
- Model and Scenery Quick Parameters for fast customization.
- 32-Player Hosting Multiplayer over Internet or LAN - fly or race with your buddies on those rainy days, in your own flying field. No other simulator has 32-player capability!
- Fully Integrated Model Editor - all parameters fully-customizable - make it look and fly exactly like your models.
- Fully Integrated Scenery Editor - all parameters fully-customizable - re-create your flying field or back yard.
- Model Designing Capability - fast change-and-test - ideal for aircraft design.
- Customizable Scenery Elements (Wind, Thermals, Ground Effect, etc.). Practice flying in adverse conditions.
- Freely Position Trees, Buildings, People, etc. in any scale.
- Animated Scenery Elements (like Windmills, Blimps, etc.)
- Integrated Flight Recorder - for training and web demo videos - can also record TX stick positions.
- Customizable Simulation Speed from Beginner to Expert - learn to fly at your own pace - unique to PRE-Flight!
- Integrated Screensaver - share/show off your flying and crashes - unique to PRE-Flight!
- Free, Downloadable models and Sceneries available from PRE-Flight website - models and sceneries are available for free on a frequent basis!
- Full software support - via email.

PRE-Flight Requirements:

- Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
- DirectX ver 9 or higher (Note: Windows XP comes with DirectX 8.1; Windows Vista comes with DirectX 10)
- at least one free USB port for interface
- at least 1.0Ghz Pentium
- at least 256MB main memory
- at least 64MB video card memory with DirectX 8 3D acceleration
- sound card or integrated sound system optional, sound provided by PRE-Flight USB interface if required

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